Chuẩn bị

- Pork belly
- Egg
- Coconut water
- Green pepper, spring onion, chilli, shallot
- Sugar, fish sauce, pepper, MSG, cooking oil

Cách thực hiện

Step 1: Pork belly be washed and draind out then cut into bite-sized pieces, spring onion and shallot, chili stalks removed.
Step 2: Boiled eggs and peeled
Step 3: Marinating pork with shallot, spring onion, MSG and pepper powder
Step 4: Make caramel with cooking oil and sugar in the pot, then  put meat and  stir-fry the meat until it is firm. Add fish sauce, sugar, coconut water and eggs to the pot.  Put a little pepper powder, chilli together. Close the lid and simmer gently until the meat is tender. Put out a small bowl, decorate green pepper, sprinkle with shallot and pepper.

Bí Quyết

Using premium fish sauce and coconut water will a balance of sweet and sour and aromatic salinity